The video contains amazing music by kind permission of Jean Michel Jarre.

The title of this video was suggested by Elliott's New York dealer in 1990, who commented that he was the 'voice of a new generation'. A reference to Elliott's revolutionary photographic Art.

The video looks (and sounds) as fresh today and when it was made (1987-1993).

The Original Artist Bio Video, shot on location in London, New York and Paris, it was shot between 1987 and 1993. It took twenty-one days of shooting and a three hundred hour analogue edit. It cost over £100,000 to make (and that was back then). The digital remaster took weeks. Despite this, the video is only 11 intense, action packed minutes long, with a 4 minute credit sequence (including pictures and titles). Think of it as like 4 rock videos all strung together. This video makes a good catalogue of the work up to 1989 - about 35 images are featured including many of the classics from that era. Elliott says the video was never intended as a work of art, although it probably is one.

It covers the revolutionary photographic art from the early 70s, up to the point that Elliott left it behind to pursue digital imaging and cyber art (in the late 80s). Although he still creates erotica with photography, the elaborate photographic art was never seen again after this point. So it was an excellent time at which to take an overview in video. 'Voice' contains footage from inside Elliott's various homes and studios including the Belsize Park Darkstudio, which was where he lived during most of the years this video was in production. Not that you would know as there is never a piece of equipment in sight. Nowadays of course, he lives in Abbey Road.

and there is incredible footage of uberbabe
Natalie Jay shot by Elliott himself when she was only 18. Gobsmacking stuff.

One thing you can say about this video, when it comes on the room goes quiet, such is its power. It is set to four tracks of Jean Michel Jarre's brilliant and equally timeless music. The movie is partly autobiographical, but not in a considered kind of way.

As Elliott commented rather enigmatically at the time "Why let an idea get in the way of creativity". During production it basically went off the rails and Elliott threw away the script and even left all the words out! The result is timeless. The words, by the way, all went to make up Generation Of A New Voice.

The video has a climactic sense of mounting excitement and builds pace brilliantly. There is classic footage of Elliott's 1989 entrance to the "Light Years" London show in the pink Cadillac full of red balloons with the Monroesque Liz Caron. Haunting footage of Elliott wandering the Gothic Graveyard in his original hometown from which he wrought such amazing images.

Footage of Elliott in the Lotus Esprit Turbo, then in Paris at night and suddenly appearing against the New York skyline - it is all here - but amazingly Elliott almost takes a back seat to the images and the girls. To sum up, it is the unmistakable blend of glamour, excitement and passion which has made Elliott world class. This was the first promo video ever created by an artist but much more than this - it's also a great little movie about Elliott, his life and Art all expressed without as much as a single word.

The movie has great repeat viewing capability and few watch it only once.

by kind permission of Jean MIchel Jarre and Francis Dreyfus Music