This video shows Elliott on top form expounding his lucid and brilliant views on photography, art and the new media. This is a slightly longer video with a running time of around 22 mins. Elliott's approach is basically to intensify his videos by eliminating the "filler" which makes so much entertainment boring. This is the original 'conversations with camera' video recorded at Elliott's home in St John's Wood in1993.


There are some wonderful moments with Elliott laying in to modern art at full tilt and to some extent at least, giving a glimpse of an insight into this enigmatic and complex man. There are some classic one-liners and some extremely convincing arguments on the weightier issues of art.

However, the film is interspersed with much glamour and there is a marvelous glimpse of Elliott arriving at his "Sex Money and Midsummer Madness" show (above) in London's Mayfair with Sarenna Lee, Traci Topps and a marvelous Rolls Corniche. Needless to say the paparazzi went nuts.

If your interest in photography or art extends beyond the superficial, you MUST see this video.

Incidentally, the reason for the similarity in the titles "Voice Of A New Generation" and "Generation Of A New Voice" is that the original idea was to intersperse music and speech and make a 10 minute video. Elliott eventually decided that Jean Michel Jarre's music was just too good to talk over, so he made two longer videos instead.

"Generation Of A New Voice" was mostly shot in Elliott's St John's Wood home in 1993 with additional footage shot just before the edit so that Elliott could include some of his new digital masterpieces and his views on digital art. The edit took ten days. The result is a highly original approach to Artist's videos and compulsive viewing.