The Erotic Card Catalogue is a collection of 11 postcard size cards in a beautiful glossy pocket size wallet and contains some absolute gems of erotica from the early pioneering fetish work to the beautiful and busty girls of his 90s work. There is classic stuff here.

What is amazing about Elliott's erotica is that although sexy Elliott somehow manages to be blindingly original at the same time. The popularity of Elliott's erotica continues to gain ground as in all things Elliott is simply ahead of his time. When Elliott created the first mainstream fetish images in 1982-1984, who would have thought 15 years on the fetish craze would be sweeping the world. They also of course had a massive influence on other artists, like almost everything he does.

The cards are printed to a beautiful standard and are always a conversation piece.

All the classics like "Streetwalker Blues" and "Lines On Latex On Lines" are here. Must have.