The Artist With The Iconic 'Kiss On Frosted Glass'
On St John's Wood High Street

The Artist holding his world famous photo icon 'Kiss On Frosted Glass' on St John's Wood High Street. Just on top of Regent's Park. The masterpiece he is holding was created back in 1984. 'Kiss' is a very popular and famous piece, published all over the world, has multiple magazine covers to its credit, has been exhibited internationally, much celebrated on the web and has been avidly collected. It also featured in Elliott's monograph and the movies. It is now very scarce, but the Artist has just one original available to the right buyer. See Art Icons to read the first essay Elliott ever wrote on an image. It is entitled, 'Skipping The Light Fandango Of Lipstick And Lost Love'. Much imitated, never bettered. Elliott's ability to find emotion in the machine in a spiritually bankrupt art world, is exceptional.