PHOTOGRAPHY. Photography of world class by fine art photography genius James Elliott. Photography of world class. Perfect for collectors of photography and art and photography lovers everywhere..

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Elliott’s eye-wrenching magnum opus from the Seventies, displayed unprecedented levels of creativity in the medium of Photography. Here an absolute vision is created with great precision, purely for the camera. What Elliott termed his 'Symphonies For The Camera'. The artist was creating his own reality in a way no-one had done before in Photography. The painting on the wall was Elliott's critical commentary on the lack of creativity in the Art of his time. ‘Pseudosynthesis’ is a revolutionary piece. Decades on it is evident, how ‘Pseudosynthesis’ predicts and predates the computer imagery of today. And indeed the rise of photographic art.

Along with other icons Elliott created at the time, it ushered in a new age of photography, manifesting unprecedented levels of creativity and control, as well as highly innovative use of colour and composition. It’s amazing looking back, just how very little photographic art was created in colour during the Seventies. 'Pseudosynthesis' was created entirely by Elliott without any assistance. There may well have been good photography before Elliott, but not much you could really call art. ‘Pseudosynthesis’ introduced many new trajectories for the medium of photography and the massive influence this extraordinary image has had on culture, from the Seventies onwards, cannot be overstated.