Amazing Photographs by a master. Amazing Photographs and Art. Photographs of world class by fine art photography genius James Elliott. Photographs of world class. Perfect for collectors of photographs and art.

Every cross in this piece has been offset in its alcove to look perfect from the camera viewpoint, showing the artist’s relentless pursuit of an absolute vision. When Elliott mentioned this in a magazine interview, the editor smiled, glanced at the picture, then looked at the artist and quipped: "You're insane!". The masterpiece took 8 weeks to create and over 187 hours of actual work for the artist. Elliott uses no assistants. It depicts a woman dressed in the attire of a dominatrix, an executioner or a queen and yet her posture and expression together express complete abandon. A powerful autocrat rendered powerless by circumstance and resigned to her fate. The masterpiece asks the eternal philosophical question: does life have Divine order? Or is it just the inevitable, random permutations of circumstance? The picture was inspired by a tragic event outside the Artist's studio window. The airborne dice formed the circle around the head by pure circumstance, giving the image a double irony. The Cosmic Joker laughs back. Elliott contrasts order with chaos and the apparent stillness of death versus the dynamic of life. Greatest of the Neo Goth masterpieces.