Metasphere 1974 + 5 . Photography and Art. Photography of world class by fine art photography genius James Elliott. Photography of world class. Perfect for collectors of photography and art and photography lovers everywhere..

The symphonic grandeur of this meticulous masterpiece makes it undoubtedly one of Elliott’s magna opera. It shows an almost inhuman degree of precision and perfection. A pleasure for perfectionists to ponder. It shows the Artist's fascination with aspects of light, particularly the sort of luminescence which Elliott says, has an almost spiritual glow. It’s worth remembering that the Artist works entirely without assistance and creates everything in the image himself. This is rare. Every single triangle and trapezoid has been created and positioned relative to the camera by Elliott personally. This is not art by proxy. It is the converse. Elliott considers each component as just a light reflecting (or transmitting) object for his Art. So he literally paints in the light.

The piece was massively difficult to achieve. The sort of thing only Elliott would attempt. The artist says “Light is the spirit of things, for without it we are nothing”. And his philosophical beliefs such as “Geometry is purity of form” and “Beauty is order”, certainly walk their talk in this masterpiece. ‘The Acrylic Arrangement’ took hundreds of hours of work to create, over a period of six weeks. The artist recalls it was ‘a nightmare to light’, due the highly reflective nature of acrylic. It involved complete blacking out of the studio. And of course Elliott has worn black for 40 years, so that obviously helped. ‘The Acrylic Arrangement’ is an early ‘Symphony for the Camera’ and ranks along side epic masterpieces such as 'Superchromatic Spectrosynthesis' and 'Metasphere'.