"As an innovator, my vision was always to take contemporary art and evolve it.

To create art of stature, which could express all the vibrant emotional colours

of a dramatic life, with great creative intensity.

To reflect back in all its glory, every wild and wonderful experience, with honesty, integrity and veracity.

From the dark and the deep, to the beautiful, the light and the fantastic.

Nothing left out. Life in all its enigmatic glory.

To do this, I pioneered technically and creatively, the two most revolutionary new art forms in history.

Photo Art and Cyber Art. Way ahead of the pack. And in spectacular colour.

Back at the beginning of the Seventies the world and his wife did not think photography was art.

I had an epiphany.

I realised there was nothing in photographic history one could seriously compare with major artists in painting.

I knew that for Photography to rise up and become the powerful new art form of our time,

it would have to move beyond black-and-white to colour

and from observational recording to a place much higher and deeper.

Great art comes from within, not without.

From the imagination, the heart and the soul.

I realised that Photography had massive potential as an intensely creative art.

So my opening gambit as a photographer was working day and night for six years, just creating pure photo art.

My focus was absolute. Everything else went out of the window. I did nothing else. I was on fire!

In the mid Eighties, I realised computers would dramatically revolutionise image creation.

Everyone said "You can't create art with computers", but having heard all the prophets of doom before

and proven them wrong, I was much better equipped than most, to deal with prevailing doubts.

So I created great art with computers anyway. Better to walk than talk.

My vision was always to create an art as gorgeous as it is profound.

As consistent as it is diverse. This aim remains true today.

To take the very best from the past and synergistically combine it

with cutting edge ideas and the technology of today.

To find emotion in the machine, passion and fire, perhaps even a little of the Divine.

And to paint with technology a truly universal art for the electronic age.

All wrapped up in an achingly beautiful vision."

Abbey Road, London, 2022