Created when Elliott was only 23, few artists create work of such gravitas so young. Probably the greatest artistic expression of conscience ever created. It was all done optically, like a magician conjuring an image out of the ether. Widely considered the crowning glory of the early Gothic Period, 'Remorse' has received much critical (and public) acclaim. It was first published in the magazine Art's Review in 1977, to rapturous acclaim. The critic described Elliott's work as 'spiritually centred' and advised everyone to collect it. Another critic described it as "....deep, moving, perfectly executed......". Apart from the heavyweight substance it is worth noting the technical virtuosity, which is again extraordinary for a man of his years. Elliott developed and perfected the technology to make this image possible. This in itself took a month. It predates Photoshop by 16 years. Also note Elliott's highly innovative shadow coloration (filters normally colour the highlights), easily overshadowed by the more obvious technical wizardry.

Total Number Of Originals: 10
Size Of Piece: 24 inch
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by Elliott