It took longer than any other photograph to create. 407 hours of actual work
Created from May to September 1986
21 lights
76 action exposure sequence (q.v.)
Displays unprecedented creative innovation and technical virtuosity in the medium of Photography
The idea was conceived on 18th Jan 1979
The entire image is silver and white. All colour was introduced by the lighting.
Created at the artist's studio in Cricklewood, London
Elliott moved to Belsize Park during its creation, maintaining his former studio to complete the piece.
The picture was about what Elliott describes as 'the spiritual glow of light'.
Elliott created the entire image himself without assistance
Unlike Metasphere, the creation is well documented
There were 165 test exposures on film
Additionally, Elliott made 40 Polaroids
The image predates Photoshop
It is the world's first photographic light sculpture
Elliott adapted his lens for greater depth of field
People often miss the barely perceptible sentinel-like faces
The pink surroundings to the face were illuminated with staggering precision using a spotlight
During the final shoot Elliott smashed the sculpture to pieces in frustration
At the time Elliott said it was a miracle he pulled it off and he would never attempt anything similar
300 hours into the shoot everything was still in chaos
It was Elliott's last 'symphony for the camera'
'The Inevitability Of Circumstance' was the penultimate, but was dated on completion in 1987.

Superchromatic is creatively and technically ground breaking
The Cibachrome prints took 3 days to print

It was limited to a unique world edition of 10 originals
It was hand printed by Elliott in the Belsize Park Darkstudio

It has already sold for £15,000
It was shot on a 6 x 4.5 cm film camera

It was captured on Fujichrome film.
Elliott used a pale blue filter on the lens to 'electrify' the colours.

Certain elements of the piece revolve
The image is unretouched.