Elliott's Equipment & Lens Customisation 1986
Back in the day, Elliott used all film formats: 5 x 4 inch, 6 x 8cm, 6cm x 4.5cm and 35mm. For 'Superchromatic Spectrosynthesis', he used his Bronica ETR 645 outfit (pictured above), as in a 35mm test, the image just fell apart. The 6 x 4.5cm format was like shooting a movie on 70mm, it was just the ultimate quality of the day. The format caused some depth of field challenges, which resulted in Elliott modifying his lens diaphragm so it would stop down to f45. This yielded far greater depth of field than the usual f22. The Japanese engineer at Bronica UK said to Elliott, "I may ruin you lens..." Elliott replied "I know, but try not to...". In the Eighties, the 40mm Xenzonon lenses cost £650. Some £1750 in today's money. Not something you want to mess up.