Latex photos! You have seen latex photos before but have you seen the. latex fetish photos by the man who created the original latex masterpieces. These latex icons are word famous!

World famous fetish classic. A beautiful silver masked, vintage Cibachrome hand printed by Elliott. The artist created the first truly iconic erotic photographs. To refer to these masterpieces as influential is an understatement. At the time latex was an obscure underground fetish and coloured latex, was unheard of. These fetish originals were massively influential across all kinds of culture and launched a zillion imitators. Elliott designed the latex skirt himself (they didn't exist). He also aerosprayed the brass handbag fittings red, so as not to ruin his colour scheme.

The originals are silver-masked Cibachromes, painstakingly created by Elliott himself. 'Streetwalker Blues' was a world edition of 4 originals. Highly sought after and this is the last one. A painstaking, exacting technique, mastered only by high end, connoisseur printers. It yields breath-taking quality.

Sold out. Please contact us if you wish to acquire. Negotiation may be possible with existing owners .