Elliott With His Masterpiece - Metasphere 1974+5
Elliott created 'Metasphere' back in the day when no-one thought photography was art. 'Metasphere' is a meticulous painted photo-sculpture, created entirely for the camera. The artist's first magnum opus. Elliott created it between November 1974 and February 1975, as it took 332 hours of work to complete, including a month of honing. filing and sanding. The picture above shows Elliott with his hand printed masterpiece, 20 years on. He was only 23 when he created it. This was one hanging in his lounge in London, although it has since sold. It is hard to believe the image is almost half a century old, as it predicts and predates the computer imagery of the Millennium era. It also still looks completely futuristic. Timelessness is the litmus test for great art.