Elliott Age 23
Portrait of an evolving master, taken around the time he created Metasphere. Seen here wearing one of his scarlet jackets. Elliott always loved colour and never worked in black and white, although he uses very low saturation on occasion, as in this self portrait. Elliott always gives monochrome a low level of colour, as he finds actual black and white inaesthetic. The artist always considered colour exponentially more powerful. He views monochrome as Photography's technological work in progress. The 'pub wisdom' of the day was that black and white was 'serious' and colour was 'commercial'. Elliott thought this was bollocks.

The argument was that you could process your own black and white. Exceptionally, Elliott created his own colour originals in his own colour darkroom. Virtually unheard of. Massively expensive to do, but superior. His darkroom contained equipment that cost about the same as a Ferarri. Try writing that off against a small number of prints.

So the Metaspheres are all hand made. He still colour prints everything today, even the massive giclée prints. Although technically much easier than colour darkroom, they too, have their own learning curve, especially if you want to get the best out of them.