In my early twenties I had an epiphany.
One day I saw things as they actually are, as if the fog of familiarity had suddenly lifted. I saw all things stripped of their disguise. Even their nomenclature. I didn't understand them, as if in a moment of enlightenment, all of my education and conditioning had completely unravelled. What I saw was the incredible miracle that life actually is.

I kept creating images, trying to express this. Images beautifully balanced between the abstract and the figurative, without actually being either. Ultimately I created 'Metasphere' and everyone was fascinated by it. An image you behold but do not recognise or understand. Zero familiarity. Zero comprehension.

People kept saying 'What is it?'. I would never answer. I am not about to convert poetry into prose by explaining it. Nobody knows what it is. That was the whole point. Nobody really knows what anything is. Oh they THINK they do, I know that. But they don't. Nowadays I can switch this perception in and out. You have to be a little fogged normally otherwise you would just be in awe all the time. And to some degree terrified.

Enlightenment inverts itself as increasing knowledge and intelligence allow exponentially greater capacity for questioning. Ergo, what you know, is always spectacularly eclipsed by that which you do not know. The equation inverts itself.

The fool knows everything. The average man knows a lot. The genius knows nothing. Oh I may well have created amongst the most beautiful and profound art on the planet, but the sum total of my knowledge, still amounts to nothing of any great significance.

From quarks to the farthest reaches of the Universe, true understanding perpetually eludes us, which really only serves to intensify the wonder, of that enigmatic glory we all call LIfe.

16th May 2015