332 hours of work to create
3 days to print
World’s first painted photo-sculpture
Created in Elliott's studio in Buckfastleigh, Devon
60 Spheres
21 Colours
Elliott was 23 when he started it and 24 when he finished it
Created between Nov 1974 and Feb 1975
Elliott created the entire image himself without assistance
No images were taken of the work in progress to sustain mystery
Dust from endless sanding and honing of the sculpture made Elliott ill twice (despite wearing a mask)
Elliott mixed all the colours, to harmonising but simultaneously contrasting hues
He used a ‘stipple’ brush technique to eliminate any reflections
Changed camera mid shoot from a Nikkormat FTN to a NIkon F2 for 100% viewfinder accuracy
Metasphere several times broke the record price for a contemporary artist photographer
Inspired by Elliott’s fascination with quantum mechanics and astronomy as a young man
Elliott created the word ‘Metasphere’. It means ‘beyond the sphere’
The image has no scale of reference or recognisable objects
It is paradoxically both abstract and figurative
Elliott re-shot the image 3 times (4 attempts). Kodachrome took 10 days to process
It was bigger than most people think, to eliminate flaws, as retouching was not then possible
The sculpture was destroyed on completion

Exposure was 8 seconds at f16
The Cibachrome Deluxe print exposure was 8 minutes at f8

The Cibachromes were limited to a world edition of 10 originals
It sold out in the Nineties

Exceptionally, the Artist paid for his own work and bought some back
One immaculate, pre-owned 36 inch masterpiece is available for sale

It was hand printed by Elliott on Cibachrome Deluxe, a high end process, using custom made equipment.
There are no proofs. Elliott considers proofs 'unfinished work'

The house where it was created no longer exists
Shot on 35mm format with a high resolution film called Kodachrome II, which was 25 ASA (ISO)
It is one of the artist's early 'Symphonies For The Camera'
Highest price so far is £25,500 (£48,300 adjusted)
The photo sculpture took a month of filing, honing, sanding and smoothing, to perfect