First use of the word PHOTOGRAPHY was at Somerset House, London. Picture shows Elliott above it.
James Elliott pioneered the two most revolutionary and powerful new art forms in history:

Photo Art and Cyber Art. Way ahead of the pack.

Elliott brought a transformative level of intense creativity and stature to these new technologies,

which was catalytic in elevating them to fine art status.

What singles Elliott out, is the depth and breadth of his art. The substance and diversity.

From heavyweight Images of the dark and the deep, to hedonistic images of brilliance and light.

Eliott's art spans an incredible arc. From profound images of death,

violence, madness, sorrow, remorse and spirituality, all the way through to images of

indulgence, hedonism, freedom, glamour, money, power, sex, beauty and love.

All accomplished with consistently great mastery. This has no precedent.

Each masterpiece takes up to 450 hours of work to create. Quality keeps the numbers low.

A 50 year canon of 500 images, in tiny editions and one-offs. The rarity factor is colossal.

Remarkable hallmarks include a highly evolved sense of colour, exacting composition,

eye-wrenching impact, heavyweight substance and perpetual originality.

All wrapped up in an achingly beautiful vision.

Picture: Photo Art pioneer, James Elliott, standing above Somerset House, London,
where in 1839, Sir John Herschel first coined the word 'photography'.
At left, the slightly less interesting Shard and Tower Bridge.